Monday, 8 August 2016

As posted numerous times previously.  Please comment below and provide the email address you used for your - Https:// - account and invite to the Https:// shareholders and management group will be sent to you.  Official discussion regarding this security asset is held there only and has been so for some time.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Announcement 2016/04/14 公告 Gōnggào

Can any shareholders not in the - - asset management group please ask for an invite to the group with the email address used for your - - account.  This is regarding the transfers of asset shares to another platform.  A deadline for doing this will be set at some point and any asset shareholders who miss the deadline shares will be destroyed.

任何股東沒有在可 - - 資產管理集團請向邀請到組與用於您的電子郵件地址 - - 帳戶。這是關於資產股到另一個平台的轉移。一個這樣做的最後期限將在某個時候被設置,誰錯過最後期限股份任何資產的股東將被銷毀。

Friday, 24 July 2015

Long awaited and much needed update of the state of progress!

RSM has done very well out of our last Christmas and third birthday investment donation.  We bought 1 BTC of FairCoin that went on to do very well.  We bought it with the premise that'd we donate 50% of its bitcoin aperication up to 1 BTC.  At our next Christmas and birthday donation celebrations.  In the meantime we pulled out over 3 BTC of bitcoin appreciation profits.  While we still have over 50k of FAIR left to make the donation to FairCoop plus profit from.  While we'll be putting some of them in FairCoop's CoopShares mutual investment fund.  Plus we are also in talks of possibly lending some BTC to FairCoop at a daily interest rate.  For them to use as part of a FairCoin price stability fund.

While we're currently in the planning stages of launching an altcoin index ETF investment vehicle.  Plus quite possibly an altcoin mutual investment fund.  Plus we have several other projects ideas in the pipelines.

Equity shares in RSM are currently publicly tradeable on with the follow link.  While we're currently working on beta testing putting the asset on BitShares.  Where they will be fully tradable again.  Although you will need to use the full Bitshare client until the lightweight Moonstone launches.  While once v2 of the Moonstone wallet launches you'll be able to leave orders for share trades up even after closing the wallet.

That's it for the brief update for now.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Sorry for the lack of recent updates here.  Investors and shareholders please check our private management group on Loomio for recent updates.  If you're a shareholder and not a current member please ask for an invite on our BTT thread.  Or email for an invite  For everyone else please check and follow our social media accounts on Google+ or  Twitter.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

August (SEP 1) Dividends and Update

August (SEP 1) Dividends and Update

SEP 1 Dividends

Dividens for August (SEP 1) have been released. Total divs of approximately 0.405 BTC or 306 satoshis per share.

AUG 1 Dividends

Dividens for July (AUG 1) were released on August 11th. Total divs of approximately 0.418 BTC or 317 satoshis per share.

Mining Hardware

RSM is operating a total of 30 TH/s of equipment, theoretically. In practice we have ran into numerous operating problems that have significantly cut our hashrate down. Not the least of which is serious problems with boards burning out on our Bitgarden blades. This has consumed most of our time and is the primary reason that updates have net been as frequent over the last two months.
Miners Quantity Hashing Power 5 1TH/s
Bitgarden AM-V1s 20 600 GH/s
Antminer 30 441 GH/s

Monday, 21 July 2014

Quarter 2 2014 Financial Statement

Q2 2014 Financial Statement

RSM’s Q2 2014 Financial Statement is out. You can view it online here or you can view the pdf version here.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

June 1 Dividends Summary

June (JUL 1) Dividends Summary


Dividends for the month of June are out. Summary is Below

Dividends for the month of May (JUN 1st dividends) are out. Summary
for the month below:

Item Amount
Salaries 0.19855708
Dividends* 0.41976000

Dividends and Salaries

Dividends came out to 318 satoshis per share. We have 5.28092575 BTC left in the
Dividends fund and 2.18412792 BTC left in the salaries fund.

Revenue’s and Costs

If you are watching our public addresses
you may have seen some transactions that suggest general revenues and costs. Three transactions
to be specific. The first
transaction is last months dividend (including a ~0.08 BTC overpayment). The second are setup costs from the Bitmine hardware.
And the final transaction
is a remnant from testing the Bitmine hardware. We initially set the miners to
mine on our main addresses while they were initially tested. This is the payout from that testing.

Current Hardware

We currently have 5 ~1 TH/s miners up and running in a datacenter. We’ve also
split mining across 3 pools (none of them GHASH.IO). As of 6/26 we had paid a total of
17.64550232 BTC for all costs associated with that hardware and had made a total of
3.71495686 BTC of revenue.

Our scrypt p2pool server has also been placed in the datacenter as time allows we
will be testing it in advance of the alpha-t hardware arrival. Additionally if you have
personal scrypt miners you may want to keep an eye on us as we plan to offer the
node as a 0% node for all (with a 0.1% donation to the developer).

2014 Q2 Financial Summary

This summary is being worked on. Like the last quarter I hope to have it out by the 15th
but the chances of it pushing beyond this time are high. Please feel free to comment
if there is anything in particular you’d like to be added to the financial statement.