Thursday, 14 April 2016

Announcement 2016/04/14 公告 Gōnggào

Can any shareholders not in the - - asset management group please ask for an invite to the group with the email address used for your - - account.  This is regarding the transfers of asset shares to another platform.  A deadline for doing this will be set at some point and any asset shareholders who miss the deadline shares will be destroyed.

任何股東沒有在可 - - 資產管理集團請向邀請到組與用於您的電子郵件地址 - - 帳戶。這是關於資產股到另一個平台的轉移。一個這樣做的最後期限將在某個時候被設置,誰錯過最後期限股份任何資產的股東將被銷毀。

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