Friday, 24 July 2015

Long awaited and much needed update of the state of progress!

RSM has done very well out of our last Christmas and third birthday investment donation.  We bought 1 BTC of FairCoin that went on to do very well.  We bought it with the premise that'd we donate 50% of its bitcoin aperication up to 1 BTC.  At our next Christmas and birthday donation celebrations.  In the meantime we pulled out over 3 BTC of bitcoin appreciation profits.  While we still have over 50k of FAIR left to make the donation to FairCoop plus profit from.  While we'll be putting some of them in FairCoop's CoopShares mutual investment fund.  Plus we are also in talks of possibly lending some BTC to FairCoop at a daily interest rate.  For them to use as part of a FairCoin price stability fund.

While we're currently in the planning stages of launching an altcoin index ETF investment vehicle.  Plus quite possibly an altcoin mutual investment fund.  Plus we have several other projects ideas in the pipelines.

Equity shares in RSM are currently publicly tradeable on with the follow link.  While we're currently working on beta testing putting the asset on BitShares.  Where they will be fully tradable again.  Although you will need to use the full Bitshare client until the lightweight Moonstone launches.  While once v2 of the Moonstone wallet launches you'll be able to leave orders for share trades up even after closing the wallet.

That's it for the brief update for now.

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