Thursday, 11 September 2014

August (SEP 1) Dividends and Update

August (SEP 1) Dividends and Update

SEP 1 Dividends

Dividens for August (SEP 1) have been released. Total divs of approximately 0.405 BTC or 306 satoshis per share.

AUG 1 Dividends

Dividens for July (AUG 1) were released on August 11th. Total divs of approximately 0.418 BTC or 317 satoshis per share.

Mining Hardware

RSM is operating a total of 30 TH/s of equipment, theoretically. In practice we have ran into numerous operating problems that have significantly cut our hashrate down. Not the least of which is serious problems with boards burning out on our Bitgarden blades. This has consumed most of our time and is the primary reason that updates have net been as frequent over the last two months.
Miners Quantity Hashing Power 5 1TH/s
Bitgarden AM-V1s 20 600 GH/s
Antminer 30 441 GH/s

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