Wednesday, 16 July 2014

June 1 Dividends Summary

June (JUL 1) Dividends Summary


Dividends for the month of June are out. Summary is Below

Dividends for the month of May (JUN 1st dividends) are out. Summary
for the month below:

Item Amount
Salaries 0.19855708
Dividends* 0.41976000

Dividends and Salaries

Dividends came out to 318 satoshis per share. We have 5.28092575 BTC left in the
Dividends fund and 2.18412792 BTC left in the salaries fund.

Revenue’s and Costs

If you are watching our public addresses
you may have seen some transactions that suggest general revenues and costs. Three transactions
to be specific. The first
transaction is last months dividend (including a ~0.08 BTC overpayment). The second are setup costs from the Bitmine hardware.
And the final transaction
is a remnant from testing the Bitmine hardware. We initially set the miners to
mine on our main addresses while they were initially tested. This is the payout from that testing.

Current Hardware

We currently have 5 ~1 TH/s miners up and running in a datacenter. We’ve also
split mining across 3 pools (none of them GHASH.IO). As of 6/26 we had paid a total of
17.64550232 BTC for all costs associated with that hardware and had made a total of
3.71495686 BTC of revenue.

Our scrypt p2pool server has also been placed in the datacenter as time allows we
will be testing it in advance of the alpha-t hardware arrival. Additionally if you have
personal scrypt miners you may want to keep an eye on us as we plan to offer the
node as a 0% node for all (with a 0.1% donation to the developer).

2014 Q2 Financial Summary

This summary is being worked on. Like the last quarter I hope to have it out by the 15th
but the chances of it pushing beyond this time are high. Please feel free to comment
if there is anything in particular you’d like to be added to the financial statement.

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