Wednesday, 11 June 2014

JUN 1 Dividends Summary

JUN 1 Dividends Summary

Dividends for the month of May (JUN 1st dividends) are out. Summary of Divs below:
Item Amount
Revenue 0
Costs* 0
Salaries* 0.25
Dividends* 0.475
Red Star Mining didn’t have any mining revenue for the month of May. RSM had approximately 0.76 BTC of costs this month. However none of them were from income. 1/2 Bitcoin was paid out for last months dividends (April or MAY 1 Dividends) and 0.26 Bitcoin was paid out for the purchase of hardware necessary to run the Bitmine rigs. This came out of the Re-Investment Fund.
The salaries (0.25 BTC) and dividends (0.475 BTC) Both came out of the proceeds from the Neptune and Jupiter Sales. We have approximately 2.8 & 5.2 BTC (respectively) Left in those accounts for future dividends and salaries.


Item Amount
Divs 0.47500000
Shares 132,000
Divs Per Share 0.00000359
RSM’s dividends this month come out to 359 satoshis per share only slightly less than the 378 satoshi’s per share from last month. At last rate this was approximately $ 0.002524 per share.

Correction to MAY 1 Dividends Summary

On our MAY 1 Dividends Summary we stated that we had 6.7 BTC left in our Dividend Fund. This was in error. The correct amount was 5.7 BTC.

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