Thursday, 8 May 2014

May 1 Dividends Summary

MAY 1 Dividends Summary


Dividends for the Month of April (May 1st dividends) are out. Summary of Divs below:

Item Amount
Divs Total 0.50000000
Shares 132,000
Divs Per Share 0.00000378

April Financial Summary

Item Amount
Revenue 0.07448159
Revenue Adjust 0.00000000
Costs -0.59170194
Cost Adjust 0.59170194
Post Cost Revenue 0.07448159
Salaries* 0.00372408
Salaries Adjust 0.25000000
Post Salary Revenue 0.07075751
Re-Invest 0.06014388
Buyback 0.00353788
Divs 0.00707575
Divs Adjust 0.49292425
Final Divs 0.50000000

We had our final bitcoin payout from our Jupiter’s mining this month. This constituted our only mining revenues. Our costs were the Hosting & Salary costs from February and March as we had not paid out our February costs.

The dividend from last month was paid out of the Jupiter Sale and Neptune Refund money and didn’t show up in our mining address. You can view the full list of our accounts on our 2014 Q1 Financial Statement.

Approximately 7mBTC of our dividend came from mining income the remaining 0.49 BTC came from our Jupiter and Neptune Sales. A similar breakdown (3mBTC; 0.25 BTC) was used for salaries. There is 6.7 BTC left in the Dividend fund from the sales which we plan to disperse monthly at a rate of 0.5 BTC or 1/12th of what is left in the fund whichever is lesser.

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