Thursday, 24 April 2014

KNC Neptune Refund Received

KNC Neptune Refund Received

Our KNC Neptune order has been refunded. Total refund was 102 xbt, more bitcoin than we believed the Neptunes would mine in their operational lifetime. Of the 102 xbt approximately 46 xbt is a bitcoin profit meaning approximately 2.3 xbt will be allocated to buyback and salaries with a further 4.6 xbt associated with dividends.
This is in addition to our Jupiter Sale funds allocated for Dividends, Salaries and Buybacks. With these added funds we can sustain a dividend of 0.5 xbt for nearly a year.
RSM plans to utilize these funds in a similar way to our past purchases. To wait for in hand hardware that we can purchase. Ideally leveraging a higher bitcoin price.

BTC in Space Going Well

Coindesk is reporting that a project RSM is an official sponsor of, the Bitsat project, has signed an agreement with Dunvegan Space Systems Inc. to launch their satelites into space.

2014 Q1 Financial Summary

It's coming! Just a few more finishing touches left and we'll have the Q1 Summary out.

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