Monday, 21 April 2014

April 1st Dividends

April 1st Dividends Summary


Dividends for the Month of March (April 1st dividends) are out. Summary of Divs below:
Item Amount
Divs Total 0.50000000
Shares 132,000
Divs/Share 0.00000378


You may have noticed that the total Share amount is lower than it was last month. That's because another 1,000 shares have been bought back off the market through our share buyback policy. This leaves us with a total of 132,000 shares on the market.

2014 Q1 Financial Statement

In accordance with our new policy we will now be releasing Financial Summaries and quarterly statements. Our next full financial statement is being prepared. We hope to be in a position to release it by April 30th although we understand that this goal may not be possible due to the large size of the report.

March Financial Summary (April 1st)

Item Value
Revenue 1.38504707
Revenue Adjust -1.38504707
Costs -1.31450612
Cost Adjust 1.31450612
Post Cost Revenue 0.00000000
Salaries 0.00000000
Salaries Adjust 0.25000000
Post Salary Revenue 0.00000000
Re-Invest 0.00000000
Buyback 0.00000000
Divs 0.00000000
Divs Adjust 0.50000000
Final Divs 0.50000000

We had no mining revenue this month. Last month we sold off our Jupiters and this provided the funds for the salary fund and the dividend (with the remainder to be paid out over the next months. Our "Revenues" for this month were in relation to our motion. In which we took money from our buyback fund in preparation to invest it in other places. This option at the moment is not being exercised as the price in our opinion is too low. The costs were primarily for our new p2pool server.

In accordance with the Jupiter sales we have exercised our an additional 0.500 BTC for this dividend with the expectation that we will pay the remainder out over the next few months with the ultimate goal of maintaining a dividend between 0.5 BTC and 1.0 BTC. Additionally we've exercised 0.25 BTC from the Jupiter Sale to the Salaries Fund with the expectation that we will continue to do so until the Jupiter Sale Salary Fund is Depleted.

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