Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March 1st Dividends


Dividends for the Month of February (March 1st dividends) are out. Summary of Divs below:

Item Amount
Divs Total 1.00016000
Shares 133,000
Divs/Share 0.00000752


You may have noticed that the total Share amount is lower than it was last month. That's because another 2,000 shares have been bought back off the market through our share buyback policy. All together our buyback policy has removed 5% of the total shares available on the market. Effectively making our shareholder position more valuable.


There are still unclaimed shares from Burnside's Exchange shutting down. If you haven't claimed your shares please do so.

FEB Financial Summary

In accordance with our new policy we will now be releasing Financial Summaries and quarterly statements. Our next full financial statement is due next month as our first quarterly statement.

Our revenues are down as we have sold off our Jupiter's in preparation for taking delivery of our machines and our Neptunes.
Item Amount
Revenue 10.25472940
Revenue Adjust -3.75549545
Costs -20.34820876
Cost Adjust 19.62729537
Post Cost Revenue 5.77832056
Salaries* 0.28891603
Salaries Adjust 0.00000000
Post Salary Revenue 5.48940453
Re-Invest 4.66599385
Buyback 0.27447023
Divs 0.54894045
Divs Adjust 0.45121955
Final Divs 1.00016000

In accordance with the Jupiter sales we have exercised our an additional 0.45106 BTC for this dividend with the expectation that we will pay the remainder out over the next few months with the ultimate goal of maintaining a dividend between 0.5 BTC and 1.0 BTC.

In addition we had approximately 7 Bitcoin worth of Mining revenue this month as 3 Bitcoins were mined last month on Bitparking and then transferred in at the end of that month.

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