Monday, 17 February 2014

RSM January Financial Summary

RSM Moving to Quarterly Financial Statements

RSM has decided to move from monthly financial statements to quarterly financial statements with monthly financial summaries. The reason being that there simply isn't enough info to merit the creation of a monthly statement. We reserve the right to move back to monthly statements in the future because of demand or large movements in the bitcoin space.

January Financial Summary

As expected our revenues fell again this month as difficulty continues to rise and we wait on new orders. We spent more from re-investment this month as we invested in Litecoin ASICs and a pre-order (29.08 BTC together). We also invested 1 BTC (+Miner Fee) from the Re-investment fund to fund the BTC in space project.
Item Amount
Revenue 14.13
Total Costs -35.62
Operational Costs -0.36
Post Costs Revenue 13.79
Total Salaries 0.68
Post Salaries Revenue 13.10
Re-Investment 11.14
Buyback 0.65
Total Divs 1.31
Divs Per Share 1073 Sat
Note: 0.27 from Salaries Was allocated evenly to Buyback & Dividends

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