Sunday, 12 January 2014

LTC ASIC's Purchased

RSM has put down the initial 30% deposit for four 25(MH/s)@600W Viper Miners from Alpha Technologies. The funds for this purchase came from the reinvestment fund.
Alpha Technologies, based in the UK, is set to bring the first Scrypt ASIC to market. RSM believes in the potential of LTC along with BTC and has long been interested in diversifying our revenue streams. LTC ASICs allow us populate that revenue stream. Dexcel Designs will be providing the physical and technical engineering as well as manufacturing of Alpha Technology’s products.
The Viper is expected to hash at least 25(MH/s)@600W and with our purchase of 4 we will have 100(MH/s)@2.4kW of Scrypt hashing power at our disposal (0.74 KH/s per share) in addition to our Bitcoin abilities. Current estimates put delivery of the Vipers somewhere in approximately Q3 of this year.
We’ll update with more information as it becomes available.

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