Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Summary

Current Hardware

We had some issues with KNC hardware that got resolved reasonable quickly. We also sold our BFL SC's and the proceeds from that we were planning on spending on a Terrahash Miner. Terrahash hasn't shipped as we expected but the good news is that we did not spend on a pre-order. We are currently looking at new hardware options. Head over to loomio for the latest discussion on that.

Also our second KNC Miner arrived and is hashing putting us at about 1 - 1.1TH/s depending on performance.

New Exchange

RSM is up and running with and our first dividend of 2.216 µBTC has been paid. Please do note that this was originally reported as 2216 µBTC when I should have said 2216 satoshi. That was a math error on my part and I apologize for the confusion.

Unclaimed Shares

If your an investor who never updated their BTT public address or hasn't claimed their KNC shares let me know and we will get those transferred over to you A.S.A.P. Do keep in mind that share transfers on 796 are manual and not instant. But 796 has been extremely professional and timely in getting them transferred over so I don't foresee an issue.


We have loomio, the blog, the Google Plus Group and of course the Twitters @redstarmining. And of course you can always email us if you need to. Or leave a comment in our bitcointalk thread.

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