Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Neptunes Coming to RSM

RSM has pre-ordered three KnC Gen 2 Miners (dubbed Neptune; technically this may be considered a Gen 3 or 4 product in general ASIC terms as 110nm & 55nm tech may be considered Gen 1 & 2) which are scheduled to be 20nm machines running at 3TH/s. Each unit costs $10,000 and is expected to be mining around March or April of 2014.

This order, when filled, will bring RSM's total hashrate from 1.2TH/s to 10.2TH/s (8.633MH/s/share to 73.381MH/s/share). This calculation does not include the third KnC Gen 1 miner that we expect to ship by the end of the week and hashing the week after. With that miner we will be at 10.75TH/s (77.3381MH/s/share).

RSM will consider selling our Gen 1 hardware once our Gen 2 hardware is up and hashing as we did with our BFL hardware.

Some have suggested that based on KnC's previous order history and their track record of increasing hashrates we should assume a higher hashrate than they are advertising. RSM is hopeful that KnC will continue this fine tradition but we cannot base our projections of that hope. We thank you for understanding.

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