Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Neptune Number Five Ordered

The Order

You have read correctly RSM has once again looked at the market and said man that is just too good of a deal to pass up! We have ordered a 5th Neptune preorder from reserves. This increases our projections of future hash rate from 13.75TH/s to 16.75TH/s (0.098GH/s/share to 0.12).
These Neptune like the last ones are scheduled to run at 3TH/s and have a 20nm architecture providing excellent power to performance ratios.
RSM will still consider selling our Gen 1 hardware once our Gen 2 hardware is up and hashing.

RSM Hardware

A Quick Summary:
KNC Jupiter 1550 GH/sYes
KNC Jupiter 2550 GH/sYes
KNC Jupiter 3550 GH/sNoExpect: 12/5
KNC Neptune 13TH/sNoExpect Q1/Q2 '14
KNC Neptune 23TH/sNoExpect Q1/Q2 '14
KNC Neptune 33TH/sNoExpect Q1/Q2 '14
KNC Neptune 43TH/sNoExpect Q1/Q2 '14
KNC Neputne 53TH/sNoExpect Q1/Q2 '14

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