Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jupiter #3 Purchased Today

With the recent price rises the board and a majority of shareholders thought it wise to purchase a third 550(GH/s)@28nm KNC Jupiter today for 17BTC. With no other manufactures shipping 28nm devices yet and the 11.5BTC from the BFL sale in effect only 5.5BTC was spent on this purchase. We’re currently hoping on making the 17BTC laid out back within about nine weeks currently off this device. While we’re also currently planning on making another 10BTC on top of that off this device before selling it once we’re hashing on KNC generation two 20nm/16nm gear.

This move will boost future dividends and the stock buyback fund by 50%. Which will only help the share price. Currently all other 28nm manufactures are delayed until December at the very earliest. While the acceleration in network difficulty growth is slowing rapidly because of this. 
If bitcoin was to rally over $500 while KNC still have Jupiters in stock (currently less than 80) a fourth unit would be purchased. The move to bag this third Jupiter used only around 25% of our current growth fund. The growth fund will now be raised to over $20,000 or over 60BTC (whichever is first) before any more ASIC purchases take place.

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