Monday, 7 October 2013

RSM Update


We know some of you may not have read the latest news or followed RSM that closely especially in the wake of the bitcointalk shutdown. So we're summarizing RSM news for the last bit here and hopefully you can stay updated.

Additional Investment

RSM is looking for additional Investment. We think increasing cash on hand could be extremely beneficial in the next couple of months. We would also like to purchase more hardware. We will be evaluating offers. See this post for details.

RSM Pool

Original Red Star Nasty Mining? Maybe not quite but RSM and OG Nasty of Nasty Fans are cooperating by placing their miners on the same P2Pool providing quicker and more regular payouts for those holding RSM shares and Nasty Seats. In exchange RSM will be acquiring a small but legitimate position in Nasty Mining and will be in the ground floor at a mining pool. Need a pool to point your miner's too? Check out OG Nasty's pool

RSM KNC Miner - New

Our KNC Miner had a bad board. We are RMA'ing that board back to KNC for a replacement. No word on the expected time frame. But we will be evaluating KNC's behavior and it will most probably influence future hardware purchases. Our current has rate on the KNC Miner without the board is approximately 400GH/s.

Pyramining Plea

We use Pyramining to create a long term stable income for RSM. If you're looking for a way to grow you mining we would recommend Pyramining. See our post for details.

First Dividends Out

Our first dividends were paid. Please remember to set your BTCT Public withdrawal address. We'll start taking them manually after the BTCT shutdown is complete.

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