Thursday, 3 October 2013

First Jupiter Arrived & Hashing

Our first KNC Jupiter machine is up and hashing! We should get at least 400GH/s from this machine but the latest reports say we may get as much as 550GH/s. This puts our total has rate somewhere between 520GH/s and 670GH/s. This also triggers the release of approximately half of our new shares.

Hashing Information
This increases the Number of shares from 63,865 to 103,865 and puts our hash rate somewhere between 5 MH/s/share to 6.45 MH/s/share up from 2.82 MH/s/share. This almost doubles our per share hashrate.

RSM is due to receive another 400GH/s Miner from KNC soon which should bring our hashrate up to somewhere between 920GH/s to 1.22TH/s (6.57MH/s/share - 8.71MH/s/share including future share creation).

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