Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dividends Information

Head over to our loomio group. To see our latest dividends spreadsheet. Here's a quick summary, we've placed 3.86 XBT to dividends which comes out to 6043 Satoshi's per share and leaves 63805 Satoshis for the next dividend. Shareholders with 170 or more shares will receive .01 XBT or higher and will be guaranteed to receive their dividends upon div payments. Smaller shareholders did not meet our payout threshold. We will try to place your dividend payment into our payout but do not expect it.

If you haven't placed your BTCT Public Address onto BTCT as of today your potential dividends have gone to the reinvestment fund. Go on to BTCT.CO and set it before the exchange closes down.
If you're a shareholder who has not been invited to our loomio group email me from the email address you used for BTCT.CO and we'll get you added.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, I have 431 shares but haven't received any dividends. Also sent an email 2 days ago without receiving any response. When can you sort this out?