Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Now Hashing

Now Hashing!

RSM Press Release


Red Star Mining (Ticker RSM) has began hashing on it's delivered BFL 60GH/s miner for approximately two weeks now. With hardware on order we should be hashing at full capacity of 960 GH/s by mid-October.

Bonus Divs

Based on our last motion the first motion will reduce reinvestment by 40% giving a 50% profit dividend. Subsequent dividends will be reinvested at 90%. RSM would like to thank it's investors as they backed us through tough times. We believe this dividend does this.

Future Capacity

Hardware still on order includes 1 BFL 60GH/s miner and 2 KNC 400GH/s miners. Our BFL order is expected in the next couple of weeks. Our first KNC miner late September and our second KNC miner October 15th.

Get Involved

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Financial Disclaimer

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  1. Awesome. Are you, by any chance, Dutch? I ask because of the blogspot.NL.

  2. To my knowledge no one is Dutch (as in physically from Holland) while two of us do have Dutch ancestry.