Monday, 30 September 2013

Financial Projections

We almost have 7.70 XBT in our wallet and this puts us at 3.85 XBT for the first bonus dividend.  Although all funds are going to be withheld by RSM until we have ordered two 400(GH/s)@28nm Hashfast BabyJets purchased with there customer protection scheme for delivery in November.  Which is currently $9,180.
Our three BFL SC Singles will be sold on shipping of our second KNC Jupiter to help purchase this.  Which we're hoping will raise up to $5,000.  Once we have them ordered we'll be putting everything into ordering two 2(TH/s)@28nm Terra Miners for $6,000 each to be delivered in January.  This will take us up from the current projected 7(MH/s) per share in October to 40(MH/s) per share in January and a total hashrate from 980(GH/s) to 5.6(TH/s).

Dividends can take place after we've paid for all this.  Each months dividend will be calculated and be owed to RSM shareholders.  So in effect RSM is getting an interest free loan off its shareholders to help jump start it's growth and maintain it's survival.  RSM is basically postponing dividends until we've raised $12,000 for new equipment.

We really believe that we've got to go into a `100% growth company until the difficulty slows or we end up bankrupt.

Although we will still have the buyback fund starting in October so dividends can be increased further once they start.  The buyback fund is run on a first come first served basis and is full booked for the first two to three months.  Once you join the waiting list you can not leave it.  Buybacks will start at 0.08BTC and then once buybacks have stopped and the fund builds up 20BTC the buyback offer will raise to 0.09BTC.  Then for every further 10BTC saved up the buyback offer will increase by 0.001BTC.

We need to put everything into growth while the network while the network difficulty is growing exponentially like this.  We feel this accelerated growth is needed by RSM at this time and that we can reach 5.6(TH/s)/40(MH/s) per share by January.  Which is a very large increase from our October 980(GH/s)/7(MH/s) per share and should help us keep in profit in the long term into next year.

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