Saturday, 24 November 2012


I'm still not sure if we can go public on btct due to legal reason.  Although unlike Giga everyone who put a claim in will be paid and profit.  If I am forced to do a buyback of any shares then I will pay a minimum of [btc]0.60 per share.  So everyone who claimed will receive dividends until they have been paid [btc]0.60 per share (eventually).  So everyone who invested doubles up on their investment.  Then after everyone has had their shares are bought the equivalent amount coin worth everyone else who invested dividend would have been apart from my investment will be paid to charity from then on.  These charity payments will be made public.  Although it could take a while to rise the funds for a complete buyback.  That course of action of the buyback is only one course of action for the future of many that I am considering.

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