Friday, 16 November 2012

Asset holders list

Well we have to prepare for the worst happening that the now defunct GLBSE never return the asset holders list.  I only know of five people who definitely bought into RSM

*(+1 not on the forum)

So I can only really negotiate with these fives.  All I can offer to do is offer to reinvest all of dividends from unclaimed shares into RSM growth.  If the asset holders list is returned then you can claim all your share ownership.  So I can repay people if the list ever comes to light and all your lost dividends would have just gone to growing RSM and your share ownership.  If the unclaimed share owners are unhappy with this then I can offer to hold the unclaimed dividends in a repayment fund for a set amount of time.  Then after that time if the asset holders list still doesn't come to light then pay the fund to bitcoin accepting charities.

Anyway we still haven't received any hardware yet.  So the first dividend probably wont be until the new year.  So still plenty of time for the asset holders list to materialise.

If you are not on the list but can convince me plus all the people on the list that you did invest.  Then I'm open to possible negotiations over your claimed investment.

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  1. hmm, I had 323 shares just before the closure, BUGGER!