Saturday, 13 October 2012

We have put up a bounty for services

I've put this bounty up

As long as the shareholders don't massively disagree I'm going to offer out a 0.5% ownership of the former GLBSE mining stock/asset RSM - ( - That works out currently as ownership of 0.9(GH/s) of BFL-SC-Singles although we will be saving 50% of profits towards buying more ASIC's to increase the (MH/s) per share ratio.  For you to implement this idea and maintain it.  You wont receive the coloured coins relating to that 0.5% that will be held in a separate account managed by me but you will receive all profits made from 0.5% ownership as long as you maintain the code.  I've also offered this bounty to this coloured coins project too - ( - so the first/best implementation will win the bounty.  We don't need to use the coloured coins for about another month yet when we receive our first BFL-SC-Single.

So we have a way to manage our shares and pay dividends.  You will also be able to issue your own assets on Open-Transaction servers valued against your coloured coins(shares).  I hope everyone is with me on this as its very important for us to be able to operate and move forward.