Thursday, 25 October 2012

Summary updated and broker offer

Total hardware and wallet assets = ~$4,022+~[btc]44.49898951 | Total shares distributed ~2,344

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As RSM has had enough investment to pay for 180(GH/s) of ASIC's and we will soon have all shareholders details.  Then I'm probably going to turn RSM into a private investors club.  I'll set up a spreadsheet to calculate everyone's dividends and once they reach a threshold of say at least [btc]1.00 they will payout to your chosen wallet address.  RSM will still save 50% of profits for growth but will now save 5% of profits to buy back holders shares at [btc]0.41 (tho that price is not set in stone yet) so everyone who has invested and wants to now get out and profit can do so.  We will also let people join the private miners Co-OP investment club for a reasonable price.  We are was looking on using coloured coins - ( - to prove ownership of shares and to pay dividends but the projects are all still very early alphas.  So we are now thinking of using a Open-Transaction server for the asset - ( -

Using Open-Transactions is not that plain newbie simple at the moment.  So our Admin Officer "jEli_bAby" is going to offer a brokerage service for people who don't want to use the OT software.  She will have a copy of my master shareholder list of people who want to use her service and forward your dividends on to a wallet address of your choice.  "jeli_bAby" can also arrange the buyback of your shares at [btc]0.41 per share (before any brokerage fees) if you now we to sell your holdings.  If we ever issue new shares again you will also be able to buy them through her as well as on the OT server.  Her email for any questions is - - There will be a fee on arranging dividend payments for shareholders who use the brokerage service by "jeli_bAby" so maybe you want to contact her to work that out.  For shareholders who use the OT software to manage there own shares things will be like normal.

We are still looking at moving onto coloured coins, but all the projects are very early alphas and just as difficult to use as a OT server, but with a OT server the trading of shares and dividends automatically following them is auto.  Unlike 'coloured coins', so this will enable the anonymous trading of shares without me have to update dividend payment addresses.

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