Tuesday, 30 October 2012


What are investors views on us hedging our bets on Pyramining investments - http://pyramining.com/?  If most people agree I'll invest 10BTC of our wallet in Pyraming.  Meanwhile feel free to donate to our Pyramining investment wallet address - 1RsRSss66dbgpNmgSaF68YvaT35ev54S8 - Or use the two referral links below to join. 

I've invested BTC0.20001111 of RSM's wallet into Pyraming - http://pyramining.com/ - if the majority of investors agree I'll pay BTC9.79998889 to our Pyraming BTC wallet address - 1RsRSss66dbgpNmgSaF68YvaT35ev54S8 - to make our investment BTC10.00  By sending BTC0.20001111 we have created a Pyraming donation wallet address people can donate too and two referral links (below) people can join that'll profit RSM.

RSM's Pyraming - http://pyramining.com/faq#howdoesitwork - wallet donation address -1RsRSss66dbgpNmgSaF68YvaT35ev54S8 - RSM Pyramining referral links -http://pyramining.com/referral/pdbkm3gzr - and - http://pyramining.com/referral/mrga6kts8 - all donations and referrals will benefit RSM financially.