Sunday, 7 October 2012

GLBSE has shut down for good.

As RSM has had enough investment to pay for 180(GH/s) of ASIC's and we will soon have all shareholders details.  Then I'm probably going to turn RSM into a private investors club.  I'll set up a spreadsheet to calculate everyone's dividends and once they reach a threshold of say at least [btc]1.00 they will payout to your chosen wallet address.  RSM will still save 50% of profits for growth but will now save 5% of profits to buy back holders shares at [btc]0.41 (tho that price is not set in stone yet) so everyone who has invested and wants to now get out and profit can do so.  We will also let people join the private miners Co-OP investment club for a reasonable price.  In the long term I will look at helping RSM shareholders in moving there share (ownership) on to a Open-Transaction servers (if they want to) - (

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