Monday, 20 August 2012

Selling our FPGA for another ASIC

Hi our supplier has someone in the UK who will buy our ModMiner FPGA which is due to be delivered tomorrow for full price and all fees included.  We could get another ASIC ordered then but we'd have to be fast.  We'd have to sell about another 200 shares to fully pay for the ASIC plus tax but then we'd be on the magic 40GH/s a share.  Meaning each share in terms of cost would be more profitable and more value then buying your own 3.5GH/s JalapeƱo ASIC.  I think we should do it.  We'd be very profitable post ASIC then at 40GH/s a share.  We'd be able to pay a dividend as soon as we receive them just having to decided by motion what percentage to hold onto for growth and expansion 90%, 85%, 80%, 75% 70%, 65%, 60%, 55% or 50%.
I think we should do it what do you think we'll have to be fast.

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