Thursday, 23 August 2012

Opinions wanted from investors

What do our investors think of this statement?

We have to reinvest the profits of the hardware otherwise if were just selling more shares to purchase new hardware when the old hardware brakes or becomes obsolete then we would be diluting the shares value and lowering the MH/s a share rate.  We are not a bond but a stock most of the shares value comes from ownership of the hardware so saving up to 90% of profits if needed to purchase more hardware assets is the only way for the company to progress.  So if the boards turn out to be very profitable we may only need to be saving 50% of profits to purchase new ASIC's or maybe even less.  If the two (possibly three) boards turn out to be making less than £100 a month of coin then up to 90% of profits would be needed to be saved to purchase new hardware assets.  To keep us operating long into the future after our current ASIC's become obsolete or brake.


  1. Set a target of purchasing an additional SC every three or four months, with the surplus Bitcoin after purchase, shipping and import duty being distributed as a dividend.

  2. Yes I agree with this idea although I think a motion on whether to save 50% up to 90% of profits for more ASIC's may have to be decided by motion.