Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Purchasing a RaspberryPi

I'm going to order our RaspberryPi very soon so we don't have to rely on my ageing PC which could die any time putting us in big trouble.  The total comes to £49.09 that's £9.99 for a 4GB SD card with the OS pre-installed ready to go,  £5.19 for power plug and £21.60 for the case-less RaspberryPi model B with £7.36 tax to pay.  The supplier has stated six weeks for delivery.  We only have about 12btc in our account which would only raise us about £40 so I may put the other £10 and transfer some shares to my personal account of that value.
If you have not been following our supplier ModMiner thread ( they stated the PCB boards shipped from the manufacture yesterday on the 12/05/29 and as soon as he recieves them boards will start shipping very quickly.  So hopefully they should ship towards the end of next week.  Once we have received them the whole weekly dividend will double.

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