Saturday, 26 May 2012

Purchasing a 8GH/s@100W ASIC for under $3,000

According to this thread - - They are working on a 8GH/s@100W ASIC for under $3,000 and will start taking pre-orders in about two months time.  Shall we issue 1500 shares at 0.40BTC to purchase one.  I think we should what are people views?

If we did this then each share in the company would be worth 2.526315789MH/s@0.052631579W which is a big jump from 1.0435MH/s@0.0609W that is a big jump.  At current difficulty we would be generating ฿42.48 a week a dividend of ฿0.010526316 per share each week.

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