Sunday, 6 May 2012

Motion on buying fans for the boards

I've put forward the motion on whether to buy fans to cool the Sparten6 chips to help lengthen their lifetime and help them mine harder longer.  As the board hashes anywhere between >1GH/s down to <0.7GH/s because the board is mining as hard as it can but cuts down the hash-rate once it gets too hot.  So if we can keep the heatsinks cooler they should mine harder for longer plus live longer.  The fans cost £4.25 each and two will be used per board.  Costing £0.06 a week per board on top of the boards £0.79 normal running costs.


  1. Matthew, where did You put forward the motion? Nothing to be seen on GLBSE... :-(


    It expires today. It's under motion on the GLBSE website.