Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Moving on to FPGA board #2

Thanks to everyone who has invested over the last few days as we now have enougth for board #2.  As soon as I get a shipping number for board #1 (which is guaranteed before the 13th April) I'll pay for board #2 which should be shipped right away.  I have contacted the supplier about our order for board #2.  Again thank you very much every one.


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  1. The supplier saying if we order and pay for board #2 now we'll have the first one from the next batch. He wants $1129 tho (not $999 like the last board I got us discounted) and $70 shipping but it still works out cheaper than two of the new x6500 FPGA boards which is what we would need to equal the hashing power and efficiency. Shall we wait till we get our tracking number, received it or pay now to guarantee or board is first as he is going public in the next week so we may end up in the order cue like everyone else. If we pay now it will be shipped within three weeks otherwise we may be caught in the order backlog once they go public within the next week. FPGA board #1 is guaranteed to be shipped in the next nine days. So what do current investors think?