Saturday, 7 April 2012

IPO update and expansion

We have only 60 shares left in the IPO @0.3BTC then we have about two-hundred left at 0.4BTC but the shares @0.4BTC are moving us on to board #3 which we will have to issue another 315 shares @0.4BTC but this will take us from the predicted dividend of two boards over 1900 shares creating a weekly dividend per share of ~0.003BTC to over 0.004BTC a week per share.  I think issuing another 315 shares at 0.4BTC each to take the weekly dividend per share to over 0.004BTC and increase of over 33% is very good idea I will put forwarded the motion once the final 60 shares at 0.3BTC each are sold.



  1. This can't be right? 0.4BTC a week per share dividend payment - that's 100% return on investment in 1 week or 5200% pa! Can you please clarify?

  2. Sorry Leo about the mistake the post has been edited now.