Saturday, 28 April 2012

First weekly dividend will be paid this Friday.

The first board has been hashing away since Wednesday now and the first weekly dividend off one board which could be as high as 0.0022BTC per share will be paid this Friday (12/05/04) at 00:00AM GMT/UTC.  Board two should have been received within two weeks and board #3 as soon as we have sold enough shares.  Board #3 will take the weekly dividend to over 0.0040BTC per share.  So we have over 600 shares to sell at 0.40BTC for a weekly dividend of at least 0.00400BTC per share.

After we have sold enough shares and received board #3 I am going to put forward the motion to issue more shares above 0.0040BTC to increase the weekly dividend again with the purchase of board #4.  After #4 has been delivered I will put forward the motion for issuing more shares and again inflating the price of the issue above the last inflated issue for the purchase of board #5.  Then with board #5 then #6 then so on and so.  So if you want shares for no more than 0.4BTC now is the time to buy as the motion for the next issue will put forward inflating the issue price due to the inflation of the reward for investing via the weekly dividend.  So unless someone decides to leave the company you will never again be able to buy shares for only 0.4BTC.  As with each issue will be inflated on the last due to the reward being inflated by the increase in the weekly dividend.  So if you was thinking of investing of making a large investment now is your last chance to get them for only 0.4BTC.



  1. At which rate is The Single hashing? Can you upload a screenshot maybe?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards
    A Shareholder

  2. The board is hashing around ~800MH/s and no sorry I can't post any public photos of the board until the new FPGA company goes public.