Sunday, 1 April 2012

Choosing a mining pool?

Thank you to the investor(s) over the last 24hrs :D  Does anyone have a view on what mining pool to use?  I want to use P2Pool for the health of the bitcoin network but I understand then I wouldn't be able to show live stats.  So I thought of this pool - - As it offers PPS, 0% fees, merged mining and offers web stats plus Android stats on the mining.  What do investors think?


  1. Have you considered DeepBit? I've found that Proportional payouts on deepbit are higher than the other pools I've tried. It does vary, but its more bang for your buck if you will.

  2. DeepBit fees are 10% we are currently only making a donation of 0.1% fees to MtRed. Also we are only going to use small pools if we can to help keep the bitcoin blockchain network more diverse and may go to using P2Pool to help keep the blockchain diverse.