Monday, 5 March 2012

RaspberryPi and green renewable electricity

I've got an experienced programmer to help us use a 5v RaspberryPi to run the ASIC/FPGA boards saving us 200W from a x86 PC so now we should reach 2.5GH/s for under 250W meaning our electrical bill should be around £20 a month for over 50BTC generated a month once the IPO has been completed and all three boards purchased.  It has know been over two weeks since board one was ordered so it should be shipped within four weeks.  What are share holders views on potentially eventually switching to 100% green sourced renewable electricity supplier the electric bill should still cost under £25 although we may have to wait twelve months maybe as currently in the process of changing supplier.


  1. Any updates on the Raspberry Pi for BTC mining?

  2. We went for a ATOM PC instead due to being able to also use P2Pool.