Monday, 19 March 2012

IPO update and about delivery of the first FPGA board

 The new FPGA board should be ready to ship within two weeks ;D So as for delivery costs should we pay $60 for 6 - 10 days delivery or $74.95 for 3 - 5 days delivery or hold a vote? As I personally own over 25% of all shares so far issued if general feedback goes for the $74.95 delivery I'll go for that without a vote. If the feedback is mixed then we should probably hold a motion? This new board will operate around 800MH/s@40W. As my main PC is already on 24/7 RSM will only pay for the 40W FPGA board or probably £0.75 a week of electricity once I get my new supplier from approximately ~3.65BTC generated a week from one board. So if only ~800 shares remain in circulation a dividend of approximately ~0.00425BTC per share should hopefully be paid within a month. If more shares are sold from the IPO (1105 remaining I think) the dividend will decrease but will be moving us on to the purchase of board two. With just two boards running and all 1900 shares issued a weekly dividend of approximately ~0.00358BTC per share should be paid. Although we are planning on getting RSM its own dedicated £30 RaspberryPi (5v at ~770mA so an extra ~3.85W so an extra £0.70 a week costs) as we can't rely on my single ageing PC to run the boards for ever. Also what are people views on issuing more shares at 3.1BTC once the IPO is completed to purchase more FPGA boards or should we hold on to 50% of profits for expansion rather then pay it out in dividends. A tough decision that a vote will definitely held over once the IPO is completed.

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  1. Go for express shipping and try to get a statistics page up and running asap.