Thursday, 23 February 2012

MH/s and expansion update

Each share you buy in this company will give you 1.664MH/s per share which are now 0.4BTC so 4.16MH/s per BTC invested.  The best deal by far form any mining company listed on the GLBSE.  Once we are mining I will hold a vote on whether to issue dividends or save the profits up to buy the third 'BitForce SHA256 Single' which would take us 4 months of mining on two units (the first is being currently ordered).  Although it would take our hash rate to very nearly 2.5GH at today's difficulty would give us over 55BTC a month generated which should pay a 0.01125BTC dividend per share a week which are currently only 0.4BTC each in RSM.


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