Thursday, 23 February 2012

Major update 1.664GH/s for under 200W????

If I issue 200 more shares and buy a 'BitForce SHA256 Single' single right now and being able to start paying dividends one week after delivery that would mean you would be getting 4.56MegaHash/s per BTC invested at minimal electricity costs.  That is buy far the best mining returns by any company on the GLBSE.  I would like to issue two hundred more shares and sell the funds raised now at current market rates for BTC and order the first 'BitForce SHA256 Single' you will receive your fist dividend within eight days of it being delivered.  Then buy the second 'BitForce SHA256 Single' then finally the low power netbook/nettop to run them.  I will use my personal PC until then.  Unless everyone objects I will start this plan in twelve hours time.  This new plan means you get 4.56MH/s per BTC invested at minimal electricity costs.  I think you will all be very impressed with that.

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