Friday, 24 February 2012

IPO offer changed to 0.5BTC due to 20% VAT import tax!

The IPO offer has now changed to 0.5BTC per share (so well done to early investors) due to the fact I've just found out we've got to pay a whopping £180 VAT fees on delivery of both BFL's.  As the first purchase of the BFL 832MH/s@80W cost us £449.15 but because I live in the UK and it's coming from the US we have to pay 20% VAT tax unfortunately.  Although things aren't that bad as we have purchased the first BFL and have enough for it's import duty.  So all shareholders should start to receive a weekly 0.0025BTC dividend per share within eight day's of the first BFL being delivered and that should double on the receipt of the second unit.


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