Thursday, 9 February 2012

Introducing Red Star Mining IPO GLBSE Ticker Listing: RSM

Introducing a new GLBSE listing Red Star Mining
Ticker symbol RSM
1000 shares are being sold for 0.30 BTC each (5% kept by CEO)

Investment used towards launching a new Bitcoin mining company (mining BTC & NMC). The mining will be done on two Radeon HD 7970's GPU's clocked at 1000MHz.  The combined MegaHash rate should be 1250 Mh/s minimum generating 27.70BTC a month at todays difficulty rate.

My electricity rates are £0.11185/$0.18KW/h so I'm estimating electricity will cost me £53/$84 a month to run the rig 24/7.  The cost of running the rig will be deducted from the Bitcoins mined before a dividend is paid.  The NMC generated will be saved up to pay for the company.  I will be keeping 5% of the shares my self due to buying a new 850W PSU and Hard-Drive.

I can be contacted via Facebook [matthewholt79]  & Email []

Matthew Holt

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