Friday, 24 February 2012

First company purchase of the first 'BitForce SHA256 Single' has been made

The first 'BitForce SHA256 Single' - - 832MH/s@80W has been paid for and ordered although delivery may take up to four to six weeks unfortunately but we can start mining as soon as its delivered and paying dividends maybe as soon as only eight days later.  Once the IPO has raised enough the second 'BitForce SHA256 Single' can be ordered and finally the company's dedicated low power PC to run the two units and any additional units the company purchases.  Thank you to everyone who has invested so far and made the first purchase possible.  I'm predicting this first unit to generate over 18BTC a month and you should receive roughly around 0.0025BTC dividend per share within ten weeks then every week.  The dividend payment will roughly double once the funds for second unit have been raised by the IPO and it is purchased and delivered.


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